We offer following tribological digital solutions:

a. Independent technical online recommendations for your plant or group
We support you with modern, independent of the oil industry, tools (QR codes system in the plant) or our webbased lubricationplanner.

If you dont know whats the best lubricant / group of lubricants for your appilication get in contact with us. We can help you!

b. Cross – Oilfinders and specific applications
We are one of the leading digital suppliers for industrial maintenance departments, OEMS and service companies worldwide.
Cross Oilfinders are very common if you are a big OEM or group of companies.

c. Lubricant comparison (pdfs or applications)
Here we offer detailed lubricant checks between similar lubricants (Strengths – comparison of weaknesses between different oils or brands)

d. Independent (digital) consulting in case of a damage, breakdown or oil errors

You havent missed the boat yet.
Contact us if you want to run your lubrication business digital!
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